Illuminated Iconographic Tibetan Calligraphy


Acrylic medium, Dutch gold leaf, with highlights of Nepalese pure gold paint on mount board 56 x 56 cm. 2017

The word *benza is illuminated in gold leaf at the centre of a Dorje, which is the symbol/implement of the power and indestructible *Vajra.

The small strap line bottom left translates as ‘dispeller of all obstacles, wrathful Tamer of Mara’.

*Vajra is a Sanskrit term, pronounced and written *benza in Tibetan (because the ‘v’ sound dose not exist in the Tibetan language.) otherwise for a Tibetan Buddhist this is called dorje

Thus being the fourth of the eight-syllable Benza Guru mantra, in a series of eight art piece set: om ah hum benza guru padma siddhi hum.

Especially created for a solo exhibition with Amankora in Thimbu and Paro, Bhutan.
The theme for the exhibition is based on Bhutans patron Saint Padmasambhava. Both Bhutanese and Tibetans widely invoke Padmasambhava, to overcome inner and outer obstacles.

Vajra - Tibetan Calligraphy