Illuminated Iconographic Tibetan Calligraphy

Tibetan-Sanskrit Ali Kali Alphabet

Japanese ink and mineral pigments on tea stained mounted board. 56x56cm 22”x22”. 2018.

Known as the Ali-Kali alphabet, this art piece depicts Tibetan phonetics of the Sanskrit alphabet - དབྱངས་གསལ་བརྡ་རྟགས།
Which as a practice, is traditionally followed by the Tibetan alphabet, with other Sanskrit letters also included and finished with the om yi dharma mantra, known as the Dependant Origination Dharini.
As a yogi or yogini practitioner this Tibetan-Sanskrit alphabet and mantra is chanted as the first speech uttered on waking up – considered to purify all prana and speech so that their nature becomes Jnana.

As a nod to my time as a monk, when during a traditional three-year retreat, the practice of this special alphabet and mantra was a daily morning ritual - I have illustrated the heading character as being held by a Tibetan monastic monk or nun.

In this art piece, the alphabet is constructed using proportionate grid lines of the classical Tibetan Uchen script, which have been left as an example. The intention of using the Uchen script is that it is allegedly based on original Indian Gupta Sanskrit. 

Tibetan-Sanskrit Ali Kali Alphabet - Tibetan Calligraphy