Illuminated Iconographic Tibetan Calligraphy


Acrylic medium with Dutch gold and copper leaf on mount board 56 x 56 cm. 2017

On a corresponding chakra colour disk of Blue – is the character hum representing the blessing of mind, with the small text below originating from Sanskrit, which is a supplication (to Padmasambhava) in order to beseech the siddhi* of the enlightened mind, affiliated with the chakra or gateway of the heart.

This is one of the three expressions of body speech and mind - head, throat and heart.

This being the third of the eight-syllable Benza Guru mantra: om ah hum benza guru padma siddhi hum.

*siddhi – miraculous enlightened qualities.

Especially created for a solo exhibition with Amankora in Thimbu and Paro, Bhutan.

hum - Tibetan Calligraphy