Contemporary & Traditional Tibetan Calligraphy

Vajra brothers

Japanese Sumi ink, pure gold leaf on thick water-colour paper. 2018

A considered balance of the freedom of brush and the discipline of concisely formed calligraphy. from large, bold and expressive down to small compact and delicate.

The narrative of this art piece is between two friends - Vajra brothers, who on their life’s journey crossed paths. This passage of time - the cycle of existence, is represented by two individual and brisk upward arcing brush strokes, from the base of Samsara up toward the freedom of Nirvana. Both arch inward to meet at a point in the middle - then separating outward to go their own way.
At the central meeting point of the two, is marked with a white disk, representing purity. On the disk is a small golden hum syllable of the heart - the seed syllable of Vajrasattva.
This relationship between the two is a lasting spiritual connection, based in Dharma. The short mantra of Dorje-Sempa om vajra-satta hum looms above both, in an Umed calligraphy style, which rains down its blessing with a stream of amrita. The mantra - the essence of Dharma practice is always present no matter how far and separate the two friends become in distance and time. As it is Dharma which bonds the two.

Vajra brothers - Tibetan Calligraphy