Contemporary & Traditional Tibetan Calligraphy

The Uncontrived Dzogchen ཨ་

Japanese mineral pigment on embossed watercolour paper, 62x46cm. 2017

An embossed letter ཨ་ - Ah, in the classical Tibetan Uchen script and delicately outlined in blue. Below which a short verse that translates as:
Being uncontrived in the nature of the great perfection Ah
The letter Ah is essential for a Dzogchen practitioner which represents the ‘great perfection’ of the attained mind.

Especially mounted for the exhibition with a decorative topped shape, typical of a shrine or a traditional Bhutanese window surround.

This piece is currently showing at a solo exhibition with Amakora in Bhutan

The Uncontrived Dzogchen ཨ་ - Tibetan Calligraphy