Contemporary & Traditional Tibetan Calligraphy

The Nature of Mind

Japanese Sumi ink on water colour paper, 59x42 cm. 2016

A large brushed character which is the honorific Tibetan word for ‘mind’ བློ་ which is ornamented with additional swirls to represent the free flowing nature of mind.
A piece inspired by the words of the Tibetan Buddhist master Pema Karpo 1527 - 1592 - A Record of Mahāmudrā Instructions I. Which follows in a Tibetan Tsugmakhyug calligraphy style:

Waves arise from water. In the same way, all phenomena are created by the nature of your mind, which is emptiness, arising as every kind of appearance.

This particular artwork was created especially for Tashi’s book Sacred Scripts and has been reproduced as excellent quality giclée art prints - available to purchased as hand-signed limited editions from the ART & PRINT STORE here.


The Nature of Mind - Tibetan Calligraphy