Contemporary & Traditional Tibetan Calligraphy

The Five Buddha Family Mandala

Chinese ink and Japanese mineral paint on heavy watercolour paper, 38 x 57 cm, 2009

The Five Buddha families also known in Sanskrit as the Five Dhyani Buddhas, are represented here as their respective Sanskrit seed syllables, placed in their assigned cardinal directions:

1. Om, Centre, Virochana Buddha
2. Hum, East, Akshobya Buddha
2. Tram, south, Ratnasambhava Buddha
3. Hri, West, Amitabha Buddha
5. Ah, North, Amoghasiddhi Buddha

Om sits at the central point with Hum below in the Eastern quarter. Arranged clockwise from Hum, following the sun’s path, are Tram, Hri and Ah.

The smaller Tsugtung script at the base of the painting translates as: ‘This is the five Buddha Family Mandala’.

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The Five Buddha Family Mandala - Tibetan Calligraphy