Contemporary & Traditional Tibetan Calligraphy


Chinese in and Japanese mineral pigment on Spanish roundel paper 50com diameter. 2016

A circle of Petsug script which translates as:

The past mind has ceased, is destroyed; the future mind is not born, has not arisen; the present mind cannot be identified.

Inspired from ‘A Record of Mahāmudrā Instructions II.’ by Pema Karpo - 1527–92.

At the centre of the circle is the word སེམས་ meaning ‘mind’ scribed in Uchen script.

This piece was especially created for - and as featured in - Tashi’s new book Sacred Scripts - A Meditative Journey Through Tibetan Calligraphy - available to purchased as hand-signed limited editions from the ART & PRINT STORE - top left corner.

Mind - Tibetan Calligraphy