Contemporary & Traditional Tibetan Calligraphy

Invocation Heading study

Chinese ink on water colour paper. 39 x 32 cm. 2015

This is a study piece that brings together a heading character with the invocation syllables dzaḥ hūṃ baṃ hoḥ
Each placed above each swirl of the heading character. A heading of four swirls would typically go at the very start of a major Tibetan manuscript, such as a sutra.

Penciled constructions lines mark out the correct proportion of the heading that is based of the sacred geomantic grid of nine boxes, with the syllables in the Uchen script, while smaller text in the Umed styles gives the title of the four syllables as ‘actions of summoning’.

The piece is finished with two of Tashi’s personal seals.

This calligraphy is available as a one off original art piece, please follow here for more details.

Invocation Heading study - Tibetan Calligraphy