Contemporary & Traditional Tibetan Calligraphy

Dharma - The Four Noble Truths

Natural mineral pigments on 50 cm diameter hand laid Spanish roundel paper. 2018

The Four Noble Truths are fundamental to Buddha Dharma - ཆོས་ in Tibetan.

1. The truth of Suffering
2. The truth of Origin
3. The truth of Cessation
4. The truth of the Way/Path.

These four truths are Calligraphed in a circle of Tibetan Tsugtung script, which are highlighted in earth red mineral paint with vowel signs in natural yellow ocher.

At the centre is the word ཆོས་ - Dharma, in classical Tibetan Uchen script.

This piece was especially created for the 5th Annual International Exhibition - Calligraphies in Conversation - Oakland Asian Cultural Centre (OACC), Oakland, California, U.S.A. and also features in a current exhibition in Amankora, Bhutan.

Dharma - The Four Noble Truths - Tibetan Calligraphy