Contemporary & Traditional Tibetan Calligraphy

All seeing Buddhas eyes

Japanese Sumi ink, pure silver and gold leaf on 76x122cm - 30"x48" heavy watercolour paper. 2018

The compassionate yet insightful gaze of Lord Buddha is attractive to most as being both compelling and calming.

This large artwork illustrates the Tibetan style of Buddha’s eyes which is based on a specific grid of proportions.

One of the challenges of working at such a large scale is to maintain a graceful flow of line, while also sitting on the huge piece of paper itself with little more than a piece of thin foam-board as protection. The who process takes much mindful care and attention.

The below calligraphy is a revived ‘egg based’ Drutsa style from the 14th century Tibet, with key words on Lama, Buddha, Dharma and Sangha in gilded uchen script - the four fold refuge prayer and finished with a homage to the historical Buddha Sakyamuni.

This piece exhibits as the main feature during a Dharma Festival event at Gaunts house, Dorset. Please go to the ABOUT THE ARTIST PAGE > Exhibitions & Events - for more details.

All seeing Buddhas eyes - Tibetan Calligraphy