Contemporary & Traditional Tibetan Calligraphy

Traditional forms of calligraphy - a practice steeped in ancient tradition - comprise black ink on white paper with a red seal. These are beautifully honest works that allow for space and purity.

Tashi’s long and rigorous training in this discipline have allowed him the freedom to experiment with variations on traditional expression. His contemporary pieces navigate variations in form, style and composition. Tashi builds in dynamism and subtlety not usually found in more meticulous traditional script styles. Despite innovation in tools and technique, the contemporary pieces are born of a thorough grounding in classical calligraphy. Primary to any act of diversification is that it be done without compromising the integrity of the tradition.

This gallery of works demonstrates the wide variety of Tibetan calligraphy, traditional and modern, dated from 2000 until the present.

Invocation Heading study - Tibetan Calligraphy
Free Brushed Dzogchen Aa - Tibetan Calligraphy
Right Action Prayer study - Tibetan Calligraphy
Medicine Buddha Mantra Garland - Tibetan Calligraphy
Sanskrit Medicine Buddha Mantra Garland - Tibetan Calligraphy
The Immaculate Ushnisha Mantra - Tibetan Calligraphy
The Absolute and Relative Truths - Tibetan Calligraphy
The Four Fold Refuge - Tibetan Calligraphy

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