Black on Black Tibetan Calligraphy

Three Coloured Gates

Chinese ink on heavy watercolour paper, 43x76 cm 2009.

The three physical places of head, throat and heart are known as ‘The Three Gates’, chakra points of body speech and mind.

These are depicted here in a Dru-tsa script style, illuminating their corresponding colours of White, Red and blue.

The smaller text in black on the black background, written in a Tsugtung script style, are verses from the Dhammapada:

ཨོཾ Om
Gain mastery over body; guard yourself from acting angrily. Keep yourself from bad actions. Use your body well.

ཨཱཿ Ah
Gain mastery over speech; guard yourself from acting angrily. Keep yourself from speaking wrongly. Use your speech well.

ཧཱུཾ་ Hum
Gain mastery over mind; guard yourself from angry thoughts. Keep your mind from mental baseness. Use your mind well.

The steadfast are controlled in body and controlled in speech; the steadfast controlled in mind.  This is perfect mastery.

Three Coloured Gates - Tibetan Calligraphy