Black on Black Tibetan Calligraphy

Eh Wan on Black

Layered black Chinese ink on heavy watercolour paper, 57 x 76 cm, 2011

Illuminated in white against a black background of multi-layered text and radiating aura lines is the powerful Ehvam monogram. A monogram is a condensed form of Lantsha Sanskrit called ‘Kutaksyar’. The Ehvam syllable is a combination of two key letters: eh and wam ཨེ་དང་ཝཾ་

The explanation of the eh-wam character is extensive and profound, a teaching on this syllable by HE Situ Rinpoche is published here.

There are other representations of the Eh-Vam character throughout this website, one of which is available in full colour as a limited addition print. Please follow the link here for more details and how to order prints.

Eh Wan on Black - Tibetan Calligraphy