Black on Black Tibetan Calligraphy

Born of Bindu

laid Chinese ink on Spanish Aquari hand made roundel paper, 70 cm - 28" diameter. 2016

This piece especially created for the 2016 Seventh edition of the Sharjah Calligraphy Biennial in the UAE, on the theme of ‘dot’.

The main feature of this piece is a white ‘bindu’ shape, which represents the essence life force ‘tigli’ in Tibetan. A play of white on black, the birth of a ‘dot’ from the black space of emptiness.
The calligraphy encircling the bindu is an elaboration on ‘tig’ meaning drop and the use of this term within a famous Dzogchen ‘terma’ manuscript called mkha’ ‘gro snying thig. 

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Born of Bindu - Tibetan Calligraphy