About the Artist

Sacred Scripts - A Meditative Journey Through Tibetan Calligraphy is the collaborative output of authors Tashi Mannox and Robin Kyte-Coles.

Mannox, one of the world’s foremost contemporary calligraphy and iconography artists, spent two decades as a Tibetan Buddhist monk.

Kyte-Coles, a distinguished photographer specialising in images of the Buddha, has travelled the globe in pursuit his sacred subject matter.

In this book, they have consorted to bring their art under one roof. It endeavours to give insight into the wealth of Buddhist wisdom and to explore the ancient and diverse writing system of Tibet, whilst making its own modest contribution towards this traditions continued preservation.

Endorsed by H.H. Dalai Lama:
“With its exquisite calligraphy and magnificent photographs of Buddhist imagery, Sacred Scripts presents the refined and varied artistry of Tibetan calligraphers and artists of the past. The work portrayed in this fine volume reflects the great heights of aesthetic achievement attained by master artisans who considered their accomplishments to be offerings to the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha.”

Calligraphy has held an honoured place in the spiritual traditions of Tibet. Monks dedicate their lives to mastering the many subtleties of the art, often spending years transcribing sacred Buddhist manuscripts. The carefully composed lines and deliberate spatial awareness in each work of calligraphy within Sacred Scripts encourages reflection, mindfulness, and meditation.

Within these pages, sacred mantras, seed syllables, and Buddhist quotes are presented in authentic Tibetan scripts. Photos of Buddha statues from around the world complement the calligraphy and create an ethereal mood of serenity. Addressing the stresses of our modern world and the demise of spiritual languages, Sacred Scripts provides insight and inspiration for attaining inner peace and well-being.

Sacred Scripts - Mandala Publishing - ISBN: 978-1608878796