Bespoke Seal Design

Historically Seals have been widely used in the Far East and fast becoming popular in the West, as many of Tashi’s creations shown here demonstrate.
Seals take many forms, for personal use, representing a family and a business or organization, often Incised with the name of the individual or a pictorial design representing qualities admired by the owner, seals can be applied as a form of signature or to authenticate both personalize artwork and correspondence much as a logo is used as an identity in the West.

Tashi is an expert in the various forms of the neo-Tibetan/Mongolian script used for seals, called Horyig in Tibetan. Tashi will design and provide the artwork for a personal seal on a commission basis, the process of ordering a seal is found on the BESPOKE SEALS page.

Please be aware that all the seal designs shown are designed exclusively for the clients that they belong to, therefore please do not copy or use the images for your personal use or gain.

Please click here to view more on personal seals.

Holy Isle - Tibetan Calligraphy
Eternal Knot - Tibetan Calligraphy
Establish - Tibetan Calligraphy
Name Seal - Tibetan Calligraphy
Development - Tibetan Calligraphy
Print light - Tibetan Calligraphy
Coil of Joy - Tibetan Calligraphy
Bindu - Tibetan Calligraphy

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