Bespoke Seal Design

Seals are printing stamps and impressions thereof - used for centuries in East Asia - often in lieu of signatures as a stamp of authorship. They may function to represent a family, business, organisation or individual. They are often incised with the name of the individual or a pictorial design that represents qualities admired by the owner.

Roughly twenty years ago Tashi began designing and producing bespoke seals. Made from lasercut rubber, the stamps are mounted on a handcrafted Welsh Oak base, using wood reclaimed from a 400 year old barn located at the foot of the Black Mountains. As part of the full seal set you also receive traditional cinnabar red seal paste and a full size original artwork of your seal. Tashi is adept in the script styles commonly used in seals designs, including Neo Tibetan and the Mongolian script, Horyig.

Through a direct consultation process you can request a specific scriptural or pictorial design, personal to you. To commission a bespoke seal, please see the BESPOKE SEALS page.

The stamps seen herein are all customer commissions - with deeply personal symbolism. Please don’t copy them.

Please click here for a more in-depth history of the seal scripts.

Mahaprana - Tibetan Calligraphy
‘a’ Seal - Tibetan Calligraphy
St Gem - Tibetan Calligraphy
Hooper - Tibetan Calligraphy
J Crow - Tibetan Calligraphy
Rinchen - Tibetan Calligraphy
Mahakala - Tibetan Calligraphy
Oak Leaf - Tibetan Calligraphy

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