Illuminated Iconographic Tibetan Calligraphy

Seven Line Prayer to Guru Rinpoché

Japanese mineral paint and gold leaf on Bhutanese Tsasho bark fiber paper, 80 x 58 cm, 2010

The Seven Line prayer is a popular supplication prayer to Guru Rinpoché, asking for his blessing to remove inner and outer obstacles. This is shown in the Tibetan Petsug script that flanks either side of the large gold ‘hum’ character in the Tibetan Uchen script style, the seed syllable of Guru Rinpoché.

Standing proudly along the top of the Seven Line prayer is His mantra depicted in the ancient Lantsa Sanskrit script, pronounced: ‘om ah hum benza guru pema siddhi hum’.

The Seven Line prayer follows and is translated as:

Hum, to the North-West part of Orgyen, in a long stemmed lotus with anthers, such wonder! called lotus born - Pema Jungne, who achieved the highest of spiritual accomplishments and who is accompanied by myriads of Dakinis. I will act according to your example. Please come and grant me your blessing. guru pema siddhi hum.

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Seven Line Prayer to Guru Rinpoché - Tibetan Calligraphy