Illuminated Iconographic Tibetan Calligraphy

Laughing in the face of Stupidity

Acrylic on heavy water-colour paper, 57x 76 cm, 2007

Lastly, blue is emptiness. Through taming one’s mind, one has the clear insight to find liberation from these emotions of ignorance.
This is the freedom of wisdom, as vast and limitless as the blue sky. This symbolizes the bud of potential, to bloom with fruition, full and glorious.

(Three of the skull images are crowned with the Sun and Moon motif, this symbolizes Wisdom and Compassion, the emblem of balance and harmony.)

A more detailed explanation of the Five Skulls is given here.

This painting is available as an individual print or as a set of five prints of the ‘Laughing in the Face of Death’ series.

Laughing in the face of Stupidity - Tibetan Calligraphy