Illuminated Iconographic Tibetan Calligraphy

Divinenamic Calligraphy

Embossed red gold leaf, acrylic base and gold Japanese flakes,
76 x 28 cm, 2010

The words ‘Divinely Dynamic Calligraphy’ miraculously appear, embossed on a lapis-lazuli like blue background. The smaller text at the bottom translates as ‘wondrous sacred calligraphy’ and ‘may goodness increase’.

The Tibetan alphabet was first conceived in the 7th century AD under Tibetan King Songtsen Gampo. Allegedly, celestial beings called Dakini left lapis-lazuli tablets on his palace roof. These had the writing systems conventions written in gold on them.

Written in an ancient style of the Uchen script often used on the introduction pages of important and holy Tibetan manuscripts.

Divinenamic Calligraphy - Tibetan Calligraphy