Traditional hand cut bamboo pens on examples of different Tibetan script styles Ink The Tibetan word for calligraphy 'Yig Gzugs' in a decorate High Uchen script style Detail showing multi-layered effect of the Black on Black series Tashi's studio brushes Extracts from the Heart Sutra in Uchen script A detail from the Illuminated Iconographic series Homage to Mahakala detail from the Black on Black series Which brush? Three Jewels Personal bespoke seal design A detail from 'Primordial Purity, Golden World' from the Illuminated Iconographic series
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One of the world's foremost contemporary Tibetan calligraphers. Tashi innovates in technique and concept - but is firmly rooted in the integrity of the ancient tradition.
Two decades spent as a monk of the Kagyu order inform his practice. His

calligraphy and iconography

, while technically and aesthetically compelling, also acts to illuminate ancient Buddhist wisdoms.
Now residing near the Welsh border, Tashi regularly exhibits in New York, London and Moscow. This gallery hosts Tashi's calligraphic artworks, both historical and current.